Why Choose Automated Wildfire Defense System

Having invested your hard money in a property with surrounding trees and landscape, it is essential that you also consider the need for the right automated wildfire defense system. Depending solely on the actions or response of your local fire department can lead to significant destruction before they arrive. This is where Wildfire Protection Systems comes in. Our wildfire protection systems will help in keeping your property safe, as outlined below.

Our automated systems have the ability to identify a fire that is as far as half a mile away. After which the systems activate protective measures that include blanketing the property with safe, biodegradable foam, which stops the fire within its tracks and prevents the flying embers from starting a spot fire within your property.

Our systems come in different types depending on your needs and the frequency at which wildfires are experienced within the region. However, the systems can be customized to fit your particular property needs. Our professional staff will also help you choose a device that is just right for you after evaluating every crucial aspect involved with the wild-fire.

The automated systems come with manual controls that include a touch screen, which will allow you to turn your system on and off without any difficulty. You can also override the automatic system at any given time. We also offer a 24-hour house monitoring service, meaning you get to relax as we will be monitoring the possibility of any wild-fire that might threaten your home.

Our professional wild-fire specialists are there for you. This means that we will ensure you enjoy the comfort of your property without having to worry about the possibility of wildfire accidents. Therefore feel free to reach out and get to enjoy the services that come with automatic fire prevention systems. Our installations are simply the best.

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