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Wildfire Protection Systems

We design, build, install, and service extremely effective and innovative Wildfire Protection Systems® to prevent wildfire from destroying your valuable home, cabin, or business structures. Since 1993, first as a Fire Official, and since 2001 as a private business, we have successfully designed, installed, and currently service hundreds of Wildfire Protection Systems® throughout the United States, in regions including Wisconsin, Wyoming, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, and California (Licensed C-16 Fire Protection Contractor # 1067999). We were the very first business in the United States to obtain liability insurance for design, installation, and servicing Wildfire Protection Systems (we have never had a claim). This is our only business. We do it right the first time.

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Why Choose Us?

Customers include private, commercial, nonprofits, and government property owners throughout the US and Canada. Coupled with Firewise® mitigation efforts, our Wildfire Structure Protection Systems are the best wildfire defense available in the market today. Based on scientific research and wildfire-tested under extreme conditions at over 100 properties, we integrate reliable and proven technologies into Wildfire Protection Systems that are:

  • Wildfire tested tough

  • Environmentally friendly (nothing to clean-up)

  • Stand-alone and self-contained

  • Not dependant on the property owner or a firefighter to activate

  • Permanently installed and hidden from view

  • Activated automatically, remotely, or pre-event activated

  • Not dependant on outside power, phone, or internet service

  • Not dependant on ample nearby water resources

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If you have any questions regarding our company or how we can help protect your property from the destruction of wildfire, please give us a call today!

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