Wildfire Shield

Constant Protection From Wildfire

Designed for especially dry regions and properties without ample water resources, our Wildfire Shield™ will protect your home, cabin or business from wildfire 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. It is a fully automated defense system designed to protect your entire structure from wildfire. It is reliable, cost effective, and discreetly hidden from view. Fully self-contained, it requires no external power source or water supply.

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Our innovative Wildfire Shield™ system boasts the following features:

  • Intelligent: Programmable controller analyzes input to automatically distribute fire prevention solution (whether Class-A Foam, Gel, or Fire Retardant) at the right time, eliminating false alarms

  • Input: Outdoor humidity; outdoor temperature; date and time; user supplied input; wildfire detection; emergency toggle activation/de-activation

  • Output: Fire prevention activation; alarm; telephone notification; email notification

  • Wildfire Detection: Our Wildfire Detector photonic sensors surrounding the structure can detect a 1 square foot of flame at a range up to ¼ mile. Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable installed at strategic locations detects heat from fire

  • Fire Prevention Distribution: Dedicated pumps, self-contained water, and environmentally-friendly fire suppression foam additive are distributed 360° around and on top of structure

  • UPS Backup: Should utility power grid fail – a common occurrence during wildfire emergencies – dedicated batteries or a propane-powered generator assure an uninterruptible power supply

  • Irrigation: Used to proactively hydrate vegetation in times of drought

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