Wildfire Detector


Our innovative Wildfire Detector® boasts the following features:

Wildfire Detector® (Patent Pending) can detect a candle flame within 60 feet or a foot of flame as far as a ¼ mile. Our innovative detector is designed to be installed outdoors and has a waterproof enclosure. It can be mounted on any vertical surface with our rugged Z-clip bracket. The size of Detector is 3-1/2” tall, 1-3/4” wide, & 1-3/8″ thick.

Each Detector can be configured as NC or NO as a wired or wireless zone for a home automation, security, and fire alarm panel. It also can serve as a “switch” to activate simple alarm systems. It can notify cell phones and act as a node on a Wi-Fi network or even send an email through a secure web server when connected to a home automation controller.

We have currently successfully tested 2.4GHz wireless that can send a text to your Android or iPhone notifying you of activation.

It uses a NiMH 6v AAA Battery Pack that is continuously charged for a 6.7v 20mA Solar Panel. It searches for the UV signature of flame and must see it continually for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute, thus eliminating false alarms due to lightning, lighting cigarettes, arcing, etc. We have deployed our Detectors in harsh outdoor conditions since 2007 before having to replace the battery pack. Each Detector has an internal relay that can handle up to .5 (1/2) AMP.

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