Wildfire Protection System

Strategic Design for Peace of Mind

Our advanced Wildfire Protection System® is strategically designed to protect your home, cabin or business from wildfire using nearby available water resources, such as lakes, rivers, ponds, or swimming pools. Powered by a high-performance centrifugal pump converted to propane, it is designed to run unattended for at least 24 hours on its dedicated fuel supply, during which time it will create the equivalent of ~ 3 inches of rain over an acre or more. It is reliable, cost effective, and discreetly hidden from view to maintain the natural aesthetic of your home or business. Fully self-contained, it requires no external power source or fuel supply to operate or function.

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Our innovative Wildfire Protection System™ boasts the following features:

Because wildfire is difficult to predict and occasionally a seemingly random weather event, often preceded by drought with low humidity, higher temperatures and unstable air masses, we work with Mother Nature to change the weather over a small area, increasing humidity, cooling the temperature, and wetting potential fuels. Our Systems not only protect your structures, but also the trees, plantings, and vegetation surrounding your structures.

  • Fire Prevention Distribution: Propane-fueled centrifugal pump with foot valve or floating strainer distributes 60 to 120 gallons per minute over one or more acres, creating 100% humidity, cooling the area, and hydrating potential fuels

  • Fire Department Standpipe Hook Up: Enables Fire Department or property owner to connect fire hose to Wildfire Sprinkler® for direct fire suppression or to refill the fire engine

  • Irrigation: Used to proactively hydrate surrounding vegetation in times of drought

  • Remote Activation (optional): Wireless or wireline remote start or stop feature allows convenient and safe activation from a distant location

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