Custom Fire Protection Systems Near Me

Are you looking for an affordable, smart, and reliable way of protecting your home or commercial

property against the ravaging wildfire? Wildfire Protection Systems has the most trusted professionals in Malibu, California, Redding, and Oroville! Call 800-610-3014 today and learn how we can help protect your loved ones and property using modern custom fire protection systems.

Our experience in handling wildfires for the last 25 years is impeccable. We have provided fire

protection materials, installed, and maintained thousands of homes and commercial properties. Our professionals have the expertise required to keep your property protected against wild and accidental fires that cause severe economic damages. Additionally, all our systems are automated to make your firefighting easier.

Nothing makes customers comfortable than knowing they are working with the best in the industry.

We are recognized as a major player in the firefighting industry by the authorities. Besides being a certified fire protection company, we are the only company whose system designs are approved by the FEMA division of Homeland Security. As a significant industry player, all our team members are trained and certified to the highest standards.

Whether you live at no waterfront or waterfront area, we will provide you with the best

residential wildfire sprinklers. Our experts know that each home is unique and will take time to design and install a customized fire protection system for you. Are you afraid that the system might fail when there is no power, internet coverage, phone connection, or enough water supplies? Our system still works even when these items are down.

Our wildfire protection systems offer more than smoke detection. With our professionally

installed systems, you will be notified of a looming fire incidence through modern alarms. Moreover, the system will alert local authorities and keep everyone safe from the accident. We know that most fires occur during the night, and that is why our system automatically calls responders during an emergency.
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