Learn Why Exterior Wildfire Sprinkler Systems Are Worth The Investment

Exterior sprinklers create an environment that will extinguish embers, which is the leading cause of household ignition. The system will extinguish the embers in three ways: hydrating any potential fuel, increasing humidity, and creating a cool microclimate around your house. The system does not only protect your home from wind-blown embers, but it also protects it from radiant heat and direct fire contact. Here is more on exterior wildfire sprinkler systems.

The unit can be mounted on various locations, including the roof; you can place them under your eave along the roof’s edge. You can also place them on your property, directing the sprinklers towards your house in different locations surrounding it. The unique feature about them is that they can activate the sprinkler head by themselves. They will activate when closest to a fire. It is important to note that they will only activate and spray water in the presence of heat and not smoke.

The system will only take 30 to 60 seconds to start spraying water on the fire. This is a bit faster when you compare to the time it will take firefighters to get to your place. If you do not have them in place while the firefighters are en route, it can allow the fire breakout to spread a lot faster, which exposes you to a higher risk of property damage.

For you to successfully keep wildfires at bay, the sprinkler system must be installed effectively around the house. Working with Wildfire Protection Systems would help facilitate that. Being in the industry for a while now, we have garnered experience and the needed skills to offer our clients the best services. We have substantial knowledge that helps us to execute this job efficiently.

We have state-of-the-art tools that make the installation quick. For more information concerning installing, repairing, and maintaining these systems, we are your best one-stop-shop. Call us today for bookings and inquiries.

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