Wildfire Detection

Wildfires can rage out of control in just a matter of minutes. This is especially true if that area where the fire started has had little to no recent rain, as this means that all the wood in the area is dry, facilitating a faster-burning fire. Not only can lots of animals be displaced, but people who live in rural areas may also have to evacuate and lose their homes. Unfortunately, some people do not get out in time. With wildfire detectors, you can see the wildfire coming and get you and your family to safety.

These detectors are quite small, so they will not interfere with your outdoor decor. They run off a small solar panel, which means you do not have to worry about changing batteries, or leaky batteries with corrosive liquids coming out. The small solar panel can withstand all kinds of weather elements without damage. This makes them eco-friendly and highly efficient.

The sensors inside each detector can detect a single candle flame as far as 60 feet away. Of course, they are smart enough to know that a candle or a lit cigarette is not actually a fire. This is because they are programmed to continually see a flame for several seconds, so not even the brightest flash of lighting would set it off.

Even if you are not home, the system can still warn you. Once it detects a wildfire, it uses your WiFi network to send an email or text message to your phone, alerting you to the danger so you know not to go home. You can also alert any neighbors nearby that don’t have this system so that they too can get to safety.

Each detector comes with a z-clip bracket that is extra rugged so you can hang it up in an appropriate place. It also has a waterproof enclosure so that no moisture gets into the unit, keeping it safe from damage or malfunction.

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