Wildfire Sprinkler, Inc. dba Wildfire Protection Systems

We design, build, install and service extremely effective Wildfire Protection Systems® to prevent wildfire from destroying your home, cabin, or business. Since 1993, first as a Fire Official, and since 2001 as a private business, we have successfully designed, installed and currently service hundreds of Wildfire Protection Systems® throughout the United States, including Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado, Arizona, California and Texas. We were the first business in the United States to obtain liability insurance for design, installation and servicing Wildfire Protection Systems (we have never had a claim). This is our only business. We do it right the first time.

Based on scientific research and fire tested, our product solutions integrate reliable and proven technologies to protect your structures and surrounding vegetation from wildfire. These technologies include stand-alone manually activated through fully-automated, remotely accessible (phone, modem, or Internet) Systems. Many installations include fire department hydrant connections.

Our Systems Engineering Standards are the only ones approved by Department of Homeland Security's FEMA Hazard Mitigation Programs for wild fire and must meet stringent environmental requirements. Our company is the only one approved by FEMA for properties that lack ample water resources. A "best case study" of our Protection Systems' effectiveness during wildfire was published by FEMA.

Wildfire management professionals know that the most effective ways to protect structures, forests and vegetation from wild fire is by increasing humidity, hydrating exposure fuels, and cooling the environment. Our fire suppression and preventive additives are the only ones approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for environmentally sensitive areas. In fact, they are 100% biodegradable requiring no clean up.

During a devastating plume dominated wildfire in 2007 that destroyed 144 structures, a witness observed 80-100' horizontal flame lengths directly attacking properties protected with our Wildfire Protection Systems®. The witness stated, "After the smoke cleared, I was amazed to see the structures and vegetation around the structures untouched!"

Wildfire - Protect your Home

After the smoke cleared, I was amazed to see the structures and vegetation around the structures untouched!