Types Of Sprinklers Installed By California Wildfire Protection Contractors

If you live in a fire-prone area like California, it is prudent to learn ways that can help you prevent wildfire. For one, homeowners can go for wildfire sprinkler installation, which helps in preventing fires from occurring or spreading. Wildfire protection systems offers a myriad of services, from sprinkler installation, maintenance to repair work. Call us today for a free quote. Here, we discuss the types of sprinklers installed by California wildfire protection contractors.

Just like the name suggests, interior sprinklers are installed inside the house. They have pressured water in pipes ready to spray in case they are activated. They are designed to wet the area automatically when they detect heat. The sprinkler head has a wick that is melted in the presence of heat, thereby allowing the system to discharge water.

The exterior sprinkler system will minimize the chance of ignition by sprinkling water to wet your home and the surrounding areas. They can protect your home against three primary wildfires exposure; include windblown embers, flame contact, and radiant heat. We mount the system from various angles around the house, including the roof, on the property, and under the eaves along the roof.

Our fire prevention and protection systems can be activated automatically or manually. They have sensors that can detect heat or flames. We have those that can send a message through your cell phone when they detect fire. This will give you ample time to call the firefighters who would come to your rescue.

We always encourage our clients to use these types of sprinklers as supplements to other proven mitigation processes like removing debris in your gutter and reducing potential fuels in the home ignition areas. To get the best service when it comes to installation, maintenance, and repair in California, reach out to us. We are just a phone call away.

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