Everything You Need To Know About Our Wildfire Prevention Systems

When you own property in heavily wooded areas, you might think that there’s very little that you can do to avoid the risks and ravages of the normal fire season. In reality, there are multiple steps that you can take to prevent the loss of life, the loss of important assets, and the total destruction of your real estate. Our wildfire prevention systems make it easy to take a multi-pronged approach to proactively protecting yourself and your investment.

As top-rated wildfire prevention contractors, we go out of our way to stay at the cutting-edge of fire prevention technologies. When new innovations are made, we incorporate them into our services and offer them to our clients. With a service area that includes Malibu, Redding, and Oroville, California, we’re certainly no stranger to fire season. We know the risks that our clients face and we know how to successfully mitigate them.

Wildfire prevention sprinklers are among the top mitigation strategies that companies and consumers in our service area can use to limit asset loss and the loss of human life. These systems engage as soon as smoke and high heats are detected. They saturate building interiors and all that they contain to deter flames. Even when emergency responders arrive within a reasonable amount of time, these systems can greatly improve the success of their firefighting efforts.

In many areas, we recommend pairing sprinklers with our other products. Our wildfire shield is a drop-down and virtually impermeable barrier that limits access to flammable building materials. Absent of something to burn, it’s possible to make smaller fires burn themselves out. With a multi-pronged fire prevention plan like this one, many commercial and residential buildings are spared.

We also offer an advanced wildfire detector. This gives building residents ample notification of oncoming fires so that they can evacuate the premises and leave the area as needed. With multi-dimensional plans for protecting their assets, they can make preserving their own lives a top priority. For more info on who we are and to find out more about our complete range of products and capabilities, call 800-610-3014 today and learn how we can help protect your loved ones and property!

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