What Wildfire Detectors Are And Why You Need Them

Among the most important aspects of residential and commercial property maintenance is proactive fire prevention. Our wildfire sprinkler systems can minimize building damages while property owners wait for first responders. In some instances, they can even play a hand in preventing loss of life. However, if you live or own a business in a fire prone area like Malibu, Redding, or Oroville, CA, you also have to invest in fire detection. Part of our innovative line of fire protection systems, these technologies issue early alerts so that residents can evacuate and activate in-building precautionary measures. Read on to find out what wildfire detectors are and why you need them.

Just under four inches tall, our detectors can be installed in various locations around the perimeter of your property. These units are sensitive enough to detect a lit cigarette from 60 feet away and an actual forest fire from a quarter of a mile away. Connected to in-building fire suppression systems, they ensure that everything kicks into action right on time. Given that they’re Wi-Fi connected and can be seamlessly integrated with other technologies and systems, they also serve as another reliable source of early warning alerts.

One of the greatest reasons for having these devices installed is that they prevent false alarms. If someone is doing a controlled burn near your property, chain-smoking, or engaging in other heat or smoke-generating activities, you don’t have to worry about having your automated fire sprinklers kick into action unnecessarily. Just as they play a hand in preventing fiery devastation, they also prevent unnecessary panic.

Detectors track the UV signature of flames. Moreover, flames must be present for a sufficient amount of time to trigger an alert or fire suppression system activation. They’re resistant to the elements. Moreover, although they run on 6v AAA battery packs, these are continuously charged via a connected solar panel.

Fire detection is a crucial element in your fire prevention and mitigation strategy. At Wildfire Protection Systems, we offer a comprehensive range of tools for homeowners throughout California who want to cut their risks, protect lives, and prevent major property damages. To find out more about these important property additions, call 800-610-3014 to speak with one of our representatives.

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