Benefits Of Wildfire Sprinkler Systems In Malibu, CA

The experience of home and business owners in California with wildfires raging underscores the need for appropriate protective sprinklers. Are you looking for information about Wildfire Sprinkler systems in Malibu, CA? Do you need to find the right sprinkler installations to guard against wildfires around your Malibu property? Wildfire Protection Systems is a firm with the experience and reliability to suggest and install equipment to protect your residential or commercial establishment in Malibu, Redding, and Oroville, California, as well as clients nationwide.

The company founder has accrued more than a quarter century of experience as a fire official and industry business leader. If you are looking for a smart, reliable and affordable solution to protect your home, business or seasonal cabin from the destructive power of wildfires, there is no smarter solution than Wildfire Prevention Services.

Our installations are designed to protect residential and commercial properties in areas deemed to be high risk. These properties can be anywhere in the United States. Our focus is on Oroville, Redding and Malibu and other areas with a proclivity toward wildfire damage.

Our Wildfire Protection installations are designed, built, installed and serviced to prevent fires from destroying homes, cabins or business structures. We have been successfully building systems since 1993. Our fire protection systems are found in regions including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Alaska and California, as well as Michigan and Wyoming. We were the first United States business to get liability insurance coverage to design, install and service our protective system. We are proud of the fact that we have never had a claim.

Our extensive history of proven protection supplies completely automated and independent Wildfire Sprinkler installations. The systems are effective for structures ranging from Beverly Hills mansions to Grand Marais lake homes. We have saved more than $42 million worth of property since we began.

Wildfire Prevention Services features the only Homeland Security FEMA specifications to protect buildings and properties within the interface between wild lands and urban areas. These installed systems reduce the threat of fire damages, whether the property is near the water or not. Our installations are ideal for any property in any climate condition.

The units are completely stand-alone and self-contained. They don’t rely on outside power, internet, phone or water supplies. The WPS units are designed to operate in Colorado, California and Arizona as effectively as they do in the Great Lakes locale. Our customer base includes private, non-profits, commercial and governmental property owners in Canada and the United States. When paired with Firewise mitigation efforts, our units are the premier defense against wild fires available anywhere in today’s market. We incorporate dependable and tested technology into each system that we install. We are environmentally friendly, so there is nothing to clean up. Our units don’t depend on a person or an internet system to initiate the protective actions. Our units are hidden from view, so scenic areas are not spoiled.

When you need further information about a dependable wildfire prevention system in Malibu, WPS can help. Call 800-610-3014 today and learn how we can help protect your loved ones and property!

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