What You Should Know About A Wildfire Sprinkler System In Oroville, CA

Each year, it seems there are wildfires which break out in locations which are near to habitations, as well as fires in more remote locations. Keeping your property safe involves a number of factors, chief of which is available water to address the flames before they become a conflagration. Are you looking for information about a wildfire sprinkler system in Oroville, CA? Do you need sprinkler protection against fires in the fire-prone regions of California? Wildfire Protection Systems offers dependable solutions to the risk of fire damage to your home and property.

In the United States, wildfires do millions of dollars worth of damage each year, in addition to the risk to people and pets. A autonomous system which operates to limit the spread of fires is as excellent investment, particularly in areas which are prone to fires caused by lightning strikes, or by sparks from equipment. Our protection systems were developed and are installed by professional fire officials. They serve clients nationwide, with emphasis in the areas of Malibu, Redding and Oroville, California.

The systems which we install are ideal for properties in any climate zone. The systems are self-contained and are standalone. They do not require any outside power, internet service or phone systems. They do not even require ample resources of water. The equipment is designed to work in dry Arizona, Colorado and California, as well as in the forested regions of the Great Lakes.

Wildfire Shield constantly protects cabins, homes and businesses from the risk of wildfires. The system is fully automated, reliable and cost-effective. Because it is self-contained, it is easy to hide from view and requires no water supply or external power source. The advanced Wildfire Protection System is a strategic defense against fires, using nearby lakes, ponds, rivers or swimming pools. It can operate unattended for 24 hours using its dedicated supply of fuel. Like the Shield system it is fully self contained and is discreetly hidden from view.

Since 2007, the Detector has been useful in detection of fires, with the ability to operate for security and fire alarm notifications. It can signal cellular devices or operate as a node on a Wi-Fi network. It can even submit emails via a secure web server if linked to home automation control systems.

When you are looking for suggestions about wildfire prevention systems in Oroville, CA, we have solutions. Call 800-610-3014 today and learn how we can help protect your loved ones and property!

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